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Here are some of our best tips for free cardboard boxes for moving

  • 30 August - 6 min read

As is always the case, we have a lot more stuff than we remember. All those times that you said you had “nothing to wear” soon becomes apparent when you start finding pile after pile of clothes. Boxing it all away can soon become a challenging process, as you might simply lack the number of boxes needed to make it all stick together. If you feel like this is the problem that you face, then you’ll be happy to know that numerous solutions exist to find removal boxes for free.

While it might take a touch of charisma and a momentary shelving of your dignity from time to time, it’s worth it. People tend to end up buying boxes for moving houses, not realising that many solutions exist for finding free boxes.

When it comes to finding moving house boxes free, some solutions do exist that you can make the most of. If you are not sure where to start when looking for second and boxes for moving, then we can point you in the right direction down below. If you follow along with the below suggestions, you should find it very easy to start packing everything away from little to small!

So, where can free cardboard boxes be found?

Recent movers

One of the most obvious places to start with is Mr. and Mrs. Smith who just moves into the street. Pop round with a box of chocolate, some coffee some milk and some mugs: make them feel welcome to the neighbourhood.

For a few pounds, you can make them feel welcome and make things feel a lot less awkward when you ask for their old cardboard boxes for free.

Just keep in mind that the boxes might already be bashed or a touch meh, so don’t always expect these boxes to be of elite quality. Even if you can use a handful of them, it’s going to be worth your time. with this simple trick, you make a new member of the community you are about to leave feel nice and welcome, all the while making it easy to source some half decent cardboard boxes with ease.

Local stores

Another find way to find some free cardboard boxes for moving is to visit your local retail outlets. Just about every retail store will have a horde of cardboard boxes for moving that you can use.

Why? Store deliveries. Usually on the daily they get their stock replenished – and this usually means getting lots and lots of cardboard boxes.

You could ask them if they could keep some for you and you could come pick them up later.

They might not want to give you them or they might have a policy against this: if they do, fair enough. This takes very little time to discover, though, and can make it very easy indeed for you to pick up some cardboard boxes for moving with.

Book stores

Another fine – if similar – place to start would be the local book store. Books are heavy and often arrive in bulk, meaning that most book stores tend to have a chunk of good quality boxes laying around for you.

You should be able to get a lot of help simply by siting a book store – and you might even find some good first-might reading material that you can enjoy at the new place, too!

Book stores are good as they have so many boxes that they often won’t refuse.

Sometimes you might need to sweeten the deal with a small donation to a charity or something, but this is generally a good way to get your hands on some free cardboard boxes for moving house with.

Check online

Another fine place to look for cardboard boxes for moving with is to go online. For example, Freecycle is a good site that offers easy pick-up of this kind of product.

While quality does vary (wildly), you can usually get some pretty half decent boxes to move your stuff around within.

You can also find that Gumtree and Craigslist both have some very good freebies sections: on here, you can find a hell of a lot of decent stuff – including boxes.

If you look for people in your area, you should be able to find some people who have boxes that you can take. Again, be realistic about expectations.

While quality does vary (wildly), you can usually get some pretty half decent boxes to move your stuff around within.

The pub

Lastly, if you are about to head into the local for a last pint with the regulars, then ask in here. The bar staff might have some, as will some of the more helpful patrons of the bar.

With the right kind of mannerism, you should be able to get as many free moving boxes as you need just out of the pub, but we recommend that you check the other options first: they might be a touch more sanitized than some of the options you’ll get down the local!

With that in mind, then, you should be able to find a nice selection of free cardboard boxes for moving. If you look around enough and are willing to be a bit more charming with some people than usual, then you should easily be able to get enough boxes to move house without having to spend much money at all.

Now, you should be able to pick up all the removal boxes for free that you need to make the process easier. That big move that sounded so stressful just became a touch easier to plan, right?

We plan every detail

If you are moving house or your business, simply give us a call and tell us all the details. Soon the expert movers will be on their way to carry out your relocation.

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My wife and I were really impressed with Atlas. Andy and his team were very professional, and the fact so much furniture had to be dismantled then rebuilt in the new house was not a problem for them, I was impressed with the handyman aspect of this removal company as well as the care in packing and moving. I would definitely recommend them !!