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As is always the case, we have a lot more stuff than we remember. All those times that you said you had “nothing to wear” soon becomes apparent when you start finding pile after pile of clothes. Boxing it all away can soon become a challenging process, as you might simply lack the number of boxes needed to make it all stick together. If you feel like this is the problem that you face, then you’ll be happy to know that numerous solutions exist to find removal boxes for free… Read more

A room with moving boxes

Small box: £1.75

Our small double walled, strong cardboard box with a load capacity of 20kg is ideal for moving, shipping or storage small and heavy items like books, CD/DVD’s, tools, small appliances, kitchenware or plates Its dimensions are:

18 (L) x 13 (W) x 13 (D)” or 45.5(L) x 33(W) x 33(D) cm

small box for packing

Short box: £1.80

Our short double walled, strong cardboard box is ideal for packing your kitchen stuff like pots and pans, crockery, china, glassware, cutlery or books, small electronic goods(monitor, small printer, laptop and etc.)

Its dimensions are:
18 (L) x 18 (W) x 10 (D)” or 5.5(L) x 45.5(W) x 25.5(D) cm

short box for packing

Large box: £2.50

Our large double walled, strong cardboard box is ideal for packing toys, shoes, clothes, small chandeliers or lamp shades, table lamps, large ornaments.

Its dimensions are: 
18 (L) x 18 (W) x 20 (D)” or 45.5cm (L) x 45.5cm (W) x 50(D)cm

Tall box: £2.80

Our tall double walled, strong cardboard box is ideal for packing large bedding, large odd shaped items that cannot be stacked or folded lamp stands, lampshades, cushions, children’s toys.

Its dimensions are:
18 (L) X 18 (W) X 30 (D)” or 45.5(L) x 45.5(W) x 76 (D)cm

tall box for packing

Tall wardrobe box: £9.50

Our Extra strong tall wardrobe box is ideal for clothes from within your household wardrobe for transportation or storage extra long garments such as wedding dresses, heavy coats, jackets.

Its dimensions are:
19 (L) x 18(W)x48(D)” or 50(L) x 45.5(W) x 122(D)

Short wardrobe box: £8.50

Our short wardrobe box is ideal for transportation or storing clothes. This box comes with hanging rail. Wardrobe boxes are made from strong double walled cardboard to give stronger protection of your clothes. Wardrobe box has an opening door for easy access, so hanging clothes is very easy

Its dimensions are:
19(L)x18(W)x40(D)” or 50(L) x 45.5(W) x 100(D)cm

Tape brown: £2.25

Our strong, brown packing tape is ideal for sealing and securing your moving boxes and for taping packing and wrapping around individual items.

The brown packing tape roll is 48mm x 66m in length

Fragile tape: £2.00

Fragile tape is ideal for reminding which boxes are packed with extra fragile items, such as ornaments, glass and china. This tape is often used when transporting and storing fragile items.

The ‘Fragile’ packing tape roll is 48mm x 66m in length

fragile tape used for packing

Bubble wrap: £25.00l

Bubble wrap (75cm x 100m) is packing material that is ideal for wrapping and protecting your fragile items like crockery and glassware, or any possession that you think needs that little bit extra protection.

Black shrink wrap £11.00

Shrink wrap is typically wrapped around items to palletize them but can be used for any type of larger package that you wish to secure or keep items tightly bound together when moving home or securing items for storage. Stretch wrap also offers some protection against wet weather when moving.

Our black shrink wrap roll is 500mm x 250m

Packing tissue: £13.00

Packing paper(20×30)” is excellent for packing and protecting fragile and delicate goods like crockery and glassware. Packing paper can also be used to stuff and backfill boxes to protect and secure items within boxes. Contains approximately 520 sheets

Paper blankets: £1.80 per sheet/ £18.00 pack of 10

Our standard sized 4 ply paper blanket is ideal for wrapping paintings also can be wrapped around furniture to protect them from the general knocks and scratches that occur during a house move.

Standard paper blankets measure 1030mm X 1800mm.

Bottle divider pack: £10.00

Small box with bottle divider: £4.50 (includes 1 box 1 divider)

Each box will hold 12 bottles

Our small boxes with dividers are ideal for transporting or storing of bottles and glasses

Contents: 3 small cardboard boxes, 3 bottle holder divider, 1 roll of fragile tape

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Great service and communication with a very competitive price. Andy and his team were very professional and moved our entire house within a few hours with no issues. They took apart and reinstalled 2 ikea wardrobes so quickly and efficiently that you would never tell they were ever moved in the first place. I would highly recommend them.
My wife and I were really impressed with Atlas. Andy and his team were very professional, and the fact so much furniture had to be dismantled then rebuilt in the new house was not a problem for them, I was impressed with the handyman aspect of this removal company as well as the care in packing and moving. I would definitely recommend them !!