Why us?

When moving to a new property, residential or otherwise, getting all of the pieces together can become an exercise in frustration. With so much to try and fit in and plan around, you can find that Atlas Removals & Handyman can help you to do it all right and to avoid any confusion.

If you would rather handle the job on your own than bring in some professional removal services, here are some ideas for what you should investigate to make your move extra-smooth.

Prepare in Advance

prepare in advance

The last thing you want to do is uhm’ing and ah’ing your way through the removal services time – or your own if you go DIY. Start at least a few weeks in advance and start boxing up stuff you aren’t using, or at least labelling everything so you know what goes with what, and where. Even some simple color-coded post-it notes can be enough to make a positive difference here.

The worst thing to do during a move is leaving it all to the last minute, so try and avoid putting yourself in that rather awkward position

Organize by Size

Also, take a look around and see what should come out at once. For example, are you going to make it harder to get all of the big pieces of furnishing out of the house if you merely start with organizing everything by size?

Take the time to look into this and you might find it a bit easier to come up with a solution that makes sense. Really, you want the process to be seamless so the more work you can do to organize items and get them out biggest first to make clutter easier to navigate, the easier everything becomes.

Get Insured

During the move, it’s a relief to know that you have insurance on your side. While any man and van firm like Atlas Removals & Handyman will arrive with full coverage to protect your assets, you should really invest in some on your own as well.

This can make a huge difference to your overall output and should go some way to determining how comfortable and confident you can be. If this is a DIY movers job, make sure you have insurance to cover you in event of any accidents that may arise.

Overall, the aim should be to try and reduce as much time and effort put into the process as you can. It can be tough to get things right for the most part, so making sure you are insured, organized and prepared in advance is likely to result in a much more simplistic move.

From making all of your hardware is stored away together to making sure ornaments and the like are kept together, following the above can really help. It should make it so much easier for you to put in place the whole experience, creating a much more welcoming move. For any further help in making the move as seamless a possible, be sure to hire Atlas Removals & Handyman.

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